funky plates custom vanity plate


My first plate. Ever.

This is what got it all started.

When I saw this plate, like a few others around, I thought to myself “I wonder if a particular plate is taken?”

Then I thought to myself “Some of these are quite funny and clever. They should be appreciated and admired the way I do. Wonder if anyone else finds them as interesting as I do?”

And then it all started…

I started taking snaps of custom vanity licence plates that cold evening of December 2010, and have nto stopped since. Every now and then I get submissions and forwards from my friends and family familiar with my obsession.

It’s been a good run since then, and it’s still going. As of now, before I decided to publish this site, I have 350 (+/- 5) plates. They’ll be queued up to post intermittently.

Hope you enjoy the show as much as I did.



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