These questions should cover most of the common inquiries, but should you have an exceptionally unique inquiry, then please feel free to contact us!


Q: Isn’t posting pictures of other’s licence plates on a personal website illegal?
A: No, it is not – as long as no financial gain is attained by the publisher. Licence plates, like most people themselves (and other public objects) are all public, in the public eye for public viewing. If you do not want the public to see your plates, or your face, or your dog, then don’t bother being out in the public.
If I was to make money off posting pictures of yours, or others’, licence plates, then I would require consent to publish the content in question.
Since I am not running this website for revenue of any kind, I will not require consent.
Note: No personal information is collected (hence none distributed or stored) in the process of capturing and publishing these images. The images are protected by copyright and content protection by the owner(s)/publisher(s) of this website.

Q: Will ‘Funky Plates’ post a custom vanity plate if I (reader) submit it?
A: Sure, as long as it does not directly reflect any link to a commercial entity. For example, there are certain companies out there that sport custom vanity plates on their commercial (company) vehicles – these plates do not qualify (but some rare exceptions have been made). This is a personal website, not a free advertisement blog. Thank you very much.

Q: Who are you?
A: They call me Sam TheGrizzly. A local resident with a peculiar interest in collecting and building a profile of custom vanity plates that catch my attention. I collect any custom vanity plate that sparks a response within me, whether that is a chuckle due to humorous expressions, or sheer admiration due to the clever nature of the custom vanity plate.

Q: Are all these plates collected by you?
A: As of Nov 2015, (approx) 330 out of the 350 plates already in my collection (being posted intermittently) are all collected by myself. The rest are submissions by friends and family who know about my strange obsession with custom vanity plates.

Q: Since when did you start collecting these plates?
A: My first licence plate was snapped in December 2010. [this was it]

Q: Why do you do this?
A: Because I can. Because I want to. It’s just a peculiar interest of mine, intertwined with a peculiar sense of humor.