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Hmm.. I Was pretty excited to come across this custom licence plate. I recall the moment falling upon our evening walk – our as in my wife and I.

Now the plate could translate to “A Tom”, as in ‘a peeping tom’ but who has given up the peeping part. Maybe because (s)he’s busy driving this kick-ass Subaru Impreza WRX STi!

Or maybe the owner is a fan of micro-particles such as atoms? The not-so-peeping Tom derivation was funnier in my opinion. Lol.

These cars are beasts – with their boxer engines. Same type of engine that goes in a Subaru BRZ (aka Toyota FR-S). The amount of exhiliration that can be obtained from these powerplants, it’s quite commendable indeed. If you can drive a standard, manual transmission vehicle – then I strongly encourage you to drive these WRX STi’s!